Thursday, May 10, 2012

Peculiarities of Online Shopping: Exhibit B

I looked up 'baby swing' on amazon and got mommy porn:

Got what I was looking for when I searched on 'toddler swing'.


Andrew said...

I did the same search ("baby swing") and got dozens and dozens of baby swings.

I think this is a case of Amazon targeting the search based on their cookies in your hard-drive - you've looked for books in the past, and I presume gothics, so using your past searches they customized your 'baby swing' search according to your past searches.

Of course lots of articles on the dangers of targeted advertising - but this is the flip side - targeted shopping based on past shopping/logarithms, and I think it equally unhealthy. (Q. Why? A. because you can have any color you like, as long as they get the green.)

The Bride said...

Weird. You could be right, I mean, it seems likely.

Except, I have never bought mommy porn and I frequently buy kid stuff and there's always kid stuff on my 'more items to consider' list. In fact I buy lots and lots of non-books from amazon.

Andrew said...

Then I dunno.

Remember when Amazon only sold books (opening biz. model?) No kitchen supplies, no music, no kid swings... nothing but books.

I want it (Amazon) taxed, and after than I don't really care. I use it too, but trying to whittle down the purchases, as they don't pay tax, and don't help the local economy. Quite similar to Walmart - and only a little less destructive.