Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Hotel in Rouen

Our hotel was in an old building right across the street from the Palais de Justice. Our room was the second window up from the word 'Hotel,' really two windows that angle into a point. The window was right next to our bed.

The second picture is the view from that window.

It was an odd little hotel. No reception area - you entered through a coffee shop/bar and the guy behind the bar checked us in and led us up a winding staircase (picture 3) to our room, which was a pretty good size. It was clean, had a big bathroom and....the view. It was a quintessential French hotel. As in so many old hotels, the walls were covered in textured wall covering that had been painted over - probably because the old walls were so uneven. The staircase was a tight spiral. The wooden treads may have been old , but the railings were new. It was quirky and kind of charming and... the view.

The hotel was closed for breakfast on Sunday, which we thought would be no problem. But it turned out that nothing was open on Sunday morning. We kept encountering little wandering groups of tourists looking for food. Most of them were French, so it wasn't just us.

We finally found a bar that could serve us coffee and then we bought rolls at a bakery by the market. Not a happy beginning to the day. We went back to the bakery and bought jambon beurre for lunch. That's ham sandwiches on a baguette, with butter. My favorite. The restaurants were open for dinner, thankfully.

Would I stay there again? Probably. Maybe not over a Saturday night.  In fact, I probably would not go over the weekend again. I'd go midweek when everything is open.


David Briggs said...

Alternately, you could plan for everything being closed and bring your own breakfast and lunch.

The Bride said...

Yes, we could buy rolls and have them. But breakfast demands a hot drink.

Now that we know the ropes, we could do better. Buy the rolls and take them with us to the bar where we'd buy coffee, as other people were doing.