Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miner Rescue

Although it's mostly like watching paint dry, except for the moments when that capsule actually breaks through to the light ( and, not to mention the anxiety about what could happen) I've been watching the miners' rescue pretty much non-stop. I did take a break for sleep after the second man came up but I kept dreaming all night of miners coming out of our basement door, blinking in the light.



Andrew said...

Me too. I went to bed during #3, but up early to watch 13, 14 etc. make it up, and have it playing now in the background.

Anderson Cooper made the point last night that the Chilean govt. is giving the media unparalleled access (so we can see inside the family meeting places, watch the private details.) And maybe it's political on the Chilean Pres. part, and invasive, but I have enjoyed it, and haven't felt voyeuristic ~ only happy.

...I hope they don't make a made-for-tv Hollywood movie of this.


peaceable_tate said...

This shows how out of touch I am. I knew the rescue attempt was underway but had no idea that they were about to pull the men out.

A story with a happy ending, how marvelous!