Monday, October 11, 2010

Meanwhile, Back in England

One day we went into London to see a Gauguin exhibit at the Tate Modern.  It was a perfect day - warm, sunny and lovely.  Here is the view from a balcony off the exhibit. That's Saint Pauls in the middle, at the end of the Millenium Bridge. Click twice on the picture to see it full screen size.

The Gauguin exhibit was an interesting counterpoint to the Impressionists in Rouen. Gauguin spent time in Rouen and knew a lot of the painters who were exhibited.

But the day itself - just walking around London - was the best part.

And if the panorama isn't enough, here's a little film from the same balcony. In this one you get sound effects, too. At the very end, notice the thatched roof of the Globe Theater on the right, sticking up in the middle distance.

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peaceable_tate said...

A moment in London, thank you!

That view of the Millenium bridge with St Pauls beyond is one of the best architectural ideas in my lifetime. It is quite magical.