Sunday, October 24, 2010

Names of Buildings in the Emperor's Private Paradise

I love the names of the buildings in the Emperor's Private Paradise.

The Gate of Spreading Auspiciousness
The Pavilion of the Purification Ceremony
The Pavilion of Prosperity
The Pavilion of Picking Fragrance
The Studio of Self Restraint
The Bower of the Ancient Catalpa
The Hall of the Brilliant Dawn
The Hall of Fulfilling Original Wishes
The Pavilion of Sharing Beauty
The Bower of Three Friends
The Pavilion of the Jade Green Conch
The Building of Luminous Clouds
The Building of Extending Delights
The Building for Enjoying Lush Scenery
The Supreme Chamber for Cultivating Harmony
The Bower of Purest Jade
The Belvedere of Viewing Achievements

and last, but not least,

The Studio of Exhaustion from Diligent Service

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