Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sister Rose and I are always amazed at French dogs. They are so well socialized that they are even allowed in restaurants. And yet they retain their dogginess, they are not completely repressed.

The first picture is of a dog who lay patiently on the floor right next to us while his owners ate their meal..

Our hosts have a lovely dog whose name is something like Yuki. Sunday, our hosts were gone when we left the house. Yuki was so pleased to see us and wanted us to play with him. He looked so sad when we left. That's a shoe in his mouth, by the way. He has a sweet habit of picking up something (more often a toy) and offering it to us as a way of greeting us.

It's lovely to have a dog in the house, though it's a little depressing to think that he may understand more French than I do.

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