Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, Saint-Sernin Again

Sister Rose and I went to a concert one evening at Saint Sernin. To be in the 900 year old church and hear a choir of 80+ singers fill the church with music... it was fantastic. And also, it was a completely un-touristy experience. This was a local event for local people.

It was, of course, a little difficult to take pictures but I managed to snap one, at the end as we were leaving. The choir stood just at the end of the crowd. They stood on the steps leading to the ornately carved seats the monks used to sit in - their seats were placed before the actual altar. You can just see the painted ceiling above the altar at the far far end.

Saint-Sernin has been a traditional stop for pilgrims going to Compostelle for 900 years or so.

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