Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We interrupt this blog ....

To bring you a story about puzzling British road signs. According to the BBC, even the British are puzzled by their road signs. In Wales, where road signs are biingual- English and Welsh - this sign was recently put up. The English is clear enough, but the Welsh says "I'm sorry I'm not in the office right now. Send signs to be translated..."

Apparently they sent a sign to be translated to the usual email address and, when they got a response in Welsh, they assumed it was the translation.

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Vivi said...

Pretty hysterical. The Free online google translater confirms, saying it means, "Bit I am being crookedly the office at this time. You send any time I w[ill] translate." I assume the discrepancies are due to my bad translator, not the original email message being "crooked".

Jasper Fforde, at his book readings, does a little paired reading of Welsh highway signs and the transliterated meaning. Very funny.