Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Important Fashion Tips from Toulouse

Flats -yes, Ladies, flats. Really pretty flats. On everyone, even on dressy occasions - some of these pictures were taken at a wedding. There were, bien sûr, some low heels, a few low wedges, but mostly flats. Even in the store windows - beautiful flats, with bows and buckles, in metallics and colors, with peep toes or ankle straps, sooooo beautiful.

The only heels I saw were on the obviously young or Spanish.

The French are a very practical people. They understand that flats are more comfortable, so they make really pretty ones. I was impressed by the number of really pretty comfort shoes. I was so sad that I really didn't need more shoes, because there were so many lovely comfortable looking flats.

Could it be the influence of First Lady Carla Bruni who, like Katie Holmes (though without Suri or Scientology, of course) wears flats to minimize her own height for her spouse's sake?

Also, short pants. Very few trousers with hems that hid the shoe - not capris and not cargo's, just simple jeans or pants that ended at the ankle, or just above.

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