Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I saw on the Cape Yesterday

Cranky and I have two well-honed techniques for bird-spotting. First, we look for bird watchers and stare in the directions they are staring in. Second, we go out with Son of.

Yesterday, we employed the second technique on a perfectly beautiful day on Cape Cod.

Spring has sprung and the birds were busy with Springtime activities. We watched two chickadees going in and out of a hole in a tree, clearly nest building. When they were inside the tree, you could hear little thumps and knocks as if they were moving the furniture around.

We also saw lots of Palm Warblers, with their little chestnut caps.

And a Thrasher foraging in the leaves for a tasty snack.

And lots of sweet little Yellow-rumped Warblers.

From the beach we spotted a Fin Back Whale

And finally, a rare sighting of Son of in the dunes of the National Seashore.

All the pictures except the last one are from the internet.

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