Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cake Calorie Update

In a comment, David challenged my statement that the Hummingbird Cake had 1 million calories per slice.

So I did the math. The entire cake had 13,132 calories, slightly more than half of that the frosting. The whole cake had 662 grams of fat and no fiber. The whole cake was 318 Weight Watcher points (about twice what I'm allowed in a week)

My teeny tiny slice- about 1/32 of the cake (which was 9 inches in diameter and just two layers high) - was 410 calories, 10 Weight Watcher points.

Was it point worthy? I'm glad I did it once because I had wanted to make it for a long time. But not a second time. I might make the dried pineapple flowers again, though. That's the part I really wanted to make.

So, David, I'll grant that it wasn't a million calories but it might as well have been.


David Briggs said...

It still looks like 750,000 calories, but I'll leave it up to your scientific calculation.


peaceable_tate said...

I guess you have to try new things, but, wow, that's a lot of points.

The Bride said...

It was my dinner, Peaceable, my whole dinner. So it worked out OK.