Monday, March 1, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane

For some reason this morning I told Daughter of ... about Bob and Ray's famous skit selling used balloons with only one or two holes in them. She hadn't heard of Bob and Ray, and really they were a little before my time, too. But I wiki'ed them and looked them up on You Tube and found this (there are 2 skits here, so wait through the bit with Johnny Carson in the middle:


Vivi said...

I remember Bob and Ray well -- but maybe from Johnny Carson appearances (you didn't have a tv then). Such dry, ironic wit -- I can't think of any current comedians in the same vein.

The Bride said...

Yes, and as one of the comments said, their humor was completely clean and kind. Unlike so many comedians today (many of whom I think are hilarious, of course.)