Sunday, February 28, 2010

HIlarious Babelfish Translation.

I was amusing Miss T with YouTube this morning and encountered a video I made showing a 360 view of a walk in Spain a few years ago. I found that I had a comment, which was in Spanish.

Gracias, son todos mis recuerdos tambien, muchos anos caminaba este camino y cada vez de nuevo estaba fascinado de la naturaleza.

So, I went to Babelfish to translate it.

Thanks, are all memories also, many anuses walked east way and every time it was fascinated again of the nature.

The funny thing is that the translation I guessed at - speaking no Spanish - was probably more accurate:

Thank-you, this brings back memories, many years ago I walked the Eastern Way, something something... fascination of nature.


Vivi said...

Whereas my translation of the Babelfish translation was something along the lines of, "Thanks for the memories. Many have walked here from the east and they all proclaim about the beauty of the scenery."

The Bride said...

Which is also probably closer to the true translation than the Babelfish version.

Vivi said...

Curious -- my comment was edited. Did you do it, or (more likely) I accidentally inserted html code which erased it. I had written -- using angle brackets instead of asterisks as here:

... Many *horse's asses* have walked here from the east..."

Once again, an attempt at a joke in comments goes awry. I should give up trying.

The Bride said...

I did not edit it. I don't know what happened.

Andrew said...

Actually, the n in anos needs a tilde (~). Then the translation will come up "years" instead of a donkey's behind.

This reminds me of a story my first year Spanish teacher told us about living in Madrid: She had done something silly, and said to her host family that she was embarrassed "embarrassado" about it. Turns out, that's the right word if you're in South America. In Madrid, it means pregnant.