Friday, March 5, 2010

A Final Note about The High Winds Last Week

The Ipswich Chronicle this week reports that winds in Ipswich last Thursday night were clocked above hurricane levels (over 73 mph) with gusts up to 90 mph.. That was at about 11pm. The power actually went off throughout Ipswich at about 10, then it got worse. Phones went out about 4 to 5 hours later, when the phone company's batteries gave out.

The Crane Estate alone lost between 200 and 300 trees. The picture here is from the newspaper and it shows the allee at Crane Estate. Hundreds more trees were lost in the rest of Ipswich and in surrounding towns. It was the biggest, oldest, most lovely trees that seem to have been worst hit.

Teams from all over New England came within a few hours to help out in the restoration of power and phones here. Our road was one of the last to have power restored - although there were a few who had to wait even longer. Everything it back to normal now, except there is still a lot of tree clearing to do. Now. wherever you go, there are hand lettered signs have appeared along the road advertising tree clearance services of one sort or another.

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