Monday, February 8, 2010


My beloved friend Lulu died this morning at 94 years of age. She had a rich, full life, was very active until the end. She died at home, surrounded by people she loved.

I will miss her. I can't imagine Ipswich without her.

Here's a story that tells something of her wonderful spirit. When she decided it was no longer safe for her to drive last year, she sold her car. Her Christmas card showed her sitting on a motorcycle with the caption that she had "traded in her sleigh." It was a typical example of her wit and her approach to life.


Vivi said...

Such a loss, for you and the community. I was impressed how all the neighbors pulled together to take care of her in her last months -- it shows how beloved she was by everybody. And it says something about the community; not many neighborhoods would set up a rota of care for one of their residents.

peaceable_tate said...

I'm saddened to hear of Lulu's death. You were obviously so fond of her; she will leave a void.

Andrew said...

What a force! What a rarity! What a profane, opinionated, wickedly provocative person. I'm glad to have met her, Caro, as her person was singular, and her thoughts honest, yet kind. Rare indeed.

I'm sorry for the sudden shade in your life (and thank you for introducing us when Anne and I visited 5 years ago.) Lulu was remarkable in all the best, and a glimpse of a time/place in America that I think has now disappeared.