Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ipswich River in Snow

The snow we didn't get last week, we've gotten today. I took the car in for servicing and walked home, stopping on the way to take a couple of pictures of the Ipswich River in snow.

Someone told me that recently 49 states had snow on the ground at the same time, only Hawaii was snow-free.


peaceable_tate said...

49 states with snow on the ground?!?? Wow, global warming denialists will be in a frenzy.

The Bride said...

Yes, I believe the entire state of Florida is now a haven for global warming denialists.

For one brief moment last week they had more snow on the ground than we had here. We had none, they had 4 inches on the panhandle.

Vivi said...

I keep reading "Global Warning Dentists" instead of "global warming denialists". Very different things.

David Briggs said...

According to local Weatherman Paul Douglas, all _50_ states have snow on the ground right now, Hawaii up in the mountains, and lower down in the other 49.



The Bride said...

Hawaii has snow on the mountains? I thought their mountains were volcanoes. Clearly I must make a fact-finding trip someday.

David Briggs said...

Carolyn, what do you think Mount Rainer in Washington is? It's of course a volcano. In fact the STATE of Hawaii is built on the tops of some very old volcanos, (IIRC Mauna Loa is even taller [from its base] then Everest is), so of course they can get high enough for snow.

But a Recce (or American English, Recon) does sound like fun)



The Bride said...

I know they get high enough for snow, but the difference between Mount Ranier and Hawaii is the activity. Hawaii has active lava flows. I assumed lava and snow couldn't co-exist.