Saturday, March 29, 2008

L'adresse pendant Juin

Rose and I have received our confirmation de logement for June.  We will be welcomed chez Mme LaBergue - 12 avenue Alain Gerbault in Toulouse.  Mme LaBergue and her little dog, too, live about 2 miles from the AllianceFrancaise and the Capitole.  A lovely walk for Rose and I twice a day.  

Chez LaBergue is on the other side of the river from the gracious hotel formerly occupied by Rose and L'homme de Rose.  

Using Google Maps, I have gazed upon the roofs of avenue Alain Gerbault. I note that there are lots of trees on the street. A good sign. Another good sign is that it was 21 degrees centigrade in Toulouse today.  That's about 70 F.

Must go do some French, now, because I have forgotten everything I ever knew about the language.

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