Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning

The COG and I are sitting at opposite ends of the dining room table,  working on our laptops.  The sun is shining on my back. The Dog of COG is snoring at my feet.  Birds are singing madly in the background.

The Son of COG came in a minute ago to tease us about the way we are silently book-ending the table with our Mac laptops.  The COG told him we were IM'ing each other instead of talking.

Not true, but funny.

We are planning an Easter meal of roast lamb, with roasted mediterranean vegetables - tomatoes, peppers, eggplant.  For dessert, home-made ricotta with fruit and honey.  The home-made ricotta is yummy. Possibly because it is whole milk and cream, unlike the part-skim kind I buy.    

As she cut my hair last week, my hairdresser told me that the youngest of her three children (who is between 2 and 3) is very excited about Easter this year.  She keeps asking her mom to talk about the Easter Bunny and urges her to just  'go get'im' (IOW go get him - meaning the Easter bunny) so they can have jelly beans NOW.  My hairdresser was worried that the older kids would find all the jelly beans so quickly there wouldn't be any left for the little one to find.  I told her that when we were kids the rooms got divided horizontally - taller kids searched high, smaller ones search low, below the height of the chair arms and sofa back. That way little ones could be sure of finding jelly beans within their reach. With the extra advantage of making the lower ones easier to find and the higher ones more challenging. 

After I left, I wondered whether that was true.  It sprang to my lips instantly as I said it, but I don't actually remember whether we did it. It makes sense and it's just the sort of thing we might have done, but whether we actually did it...... I just don't know. 


Vivi said...

As the youngest, all I can say is I have no memories of fighting to get all the eggs. I'm sure by the time I was hunting, you all were too old to care, and for all I know, helped hide the eggs.

To be honest, I don't remember "hunting" for the candy. I remember the joy of walking into the living room and seeing every horizontal surface -- window sills, picture frames, lamp finials, woodwork -- studded regularly with jelly beans. The skill was less problem-solving and and more small motor: how to balance the basket in one hand so the other hand could slide the beans off the sill directly into the basket.

David Briggs said...

While I am not the eldest in the family, I do remember sitting around watching (and occasionally helping) vivi hunt for Easter eggs, along with possibly helping to "hide" the actual eggs.


Mister Cellophane