Monday, March 3, 2008

The Bride Dreams of Faraway Places.

The Bride and her sister Rose are going to France for the month of June, to take a French immersion course. This has been talked about for months, but now, they have enrolled in the class, and, yesterday, they actually booked their tickets.

At the end of the month, the Husbands will join them for A Walking Tour, probably from Collioure (in France) to Cadaques (in Spain). It's a fairly easy walk on cliffs along the Mediterranean descending, now and then, to swimmable little beach coves. The last day seems a bit more strenuous, but with the reward of beautiful views at the end.

Collioure is a beautiful place. The picture here was taken by the Bride a couple of years ago. It was snapped while she and the COG having lunch in a restaurant overlooking the town.

If you're a Patrick O'Brian fan, you'll want to know that on the walk from Collioure to Cadaques one passes very close to the castle which would have been owned by Stephen Maturin, had he (and the castle) not been fictional.

Today, in cold and sunless New England, this seems very, very far away.

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Vivi said...

So lovely. The light of the Mediterranean is so distinctive, at least in France. I don't think I've seen it anywhere else (Italy, I haven't seen the west coast; the bit of Turkish coast I've seen looks out over the Aegean, technically part of the Mediterranean, but different enough to warrant a separate name).