Saturday, March 29, 2008

I have a cold

The Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, says it better than me:

I have a terrible cold,
And everyone knows how terrible colds
Alter the whole system of the universe,
Set us against life,
And make even metaphysics sneeze.
I have wasted the whole day blowing my nose.
My head is aching vaguely.
Sad condition for a minor poet!
Today I am really and truly a minor poet.
What I was in the old days was a wish; it's gone

Goodbye forever, queen of the fairies!
Your wings were made of sun, and I am walking here.
I shan't get well unless I go and lie down on my bed.
I never was well except lying down on the Universe.

Excuse un peu... What a terrible cold!... it's physical!
I need truth and aspirin.   ... Fernando Pessoa

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Vivi said...

I love this! Will steal.