Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Lovely Day Shopping at Ikea

As I mentioned in my last blog, the Cranky Old Geezer volunteered to come to Ikea with me. It's so cute the way he loves the place. He had such a great time that he wanted to prolong our shopping experience by having something to eat in the dining room there. I wasn't hungry at all - I'd had lunch before we left, but the COG was in such a jolly mood and we were having such a lovely time shopping that I didn't want to spoil it for him by refusing.

And he loved it. If he hadn't been so happy, I'd have thought he didn't feel well, because he wouldn't eat a thing. But he kept pushing food on me. I really only wanted a coffee, but I finally said I'd have an open-faced sandwich, just to satisfy him. ( I don't think he's that familiar with Swedish cuisine, because he seemed to think they'd left off the top piece of bread as a clever cost-reduction measure in response to the recession and it made him so cheerful that I didn't want to disillusion him.)

I finished the sandwich and he insisted on getting me some Swedish meatballs and pasta. I pushed it around on my plate for a while, gazing dreamily into his lovely blue eyes while he talked about the recession and I plotted the rest of our shopping expedition. I pretended to go for seconds, but came back with the same full plate. When he insisted on going to get me a dessert, I dumped the meatballs in the trash. Did the same thing with the cake while he was getting me another coffee. He was in such a good mood and he had such a lovely time that I'll make sure we get back to Ikea soon.

I really think his sense of humor is the thing I love best about him. He kept joking that this was my Valentine's Day gift. Hilarious


peaceable_tate said...

heh, I'd expect flowers or jewelry on Valentines Day. The ikea thing has to be a ruse, a feint, a sly distraction.

The Bride said...

For sure. Not even the COG would be that cheap.