Friday, February 15, 2008

The Bride Is an Ikeahacker

Today the Bride delved deep into her inner Geek and built herself a combination docking/charging station and computer stand. Since she has a larger screen, mouse and keyboard, the computer is often just closed on the desk, taking up room, along with other devices. This docking/charging station was her own invention, an Ikeahack based on the Estetisk desk storage with compartments.(The Bride's inner geek can't figure out how to copy a picture from Ikea, here's the url: Estetisk is intended to be stood up and used to hold pens and desk clobber, but for this application it is on it's side.
The construction was simple. Drill 3/4 inch holes through the back of each pigeon hole(you can't see these holes in the picture) and also through the back (you can see these). Then, put clear plastic 'gripping pads' on the top (you can see them in the picture if you look hard). These are to elevate the laptop slightly so it won't overheat. Also, to hold it in place so it won't slip around.
Here it is in action. Phone, Ipod, Nano, camera head-phones, all neatly tucked away. Wires that go to the surge protector (phone, camera) go through two holes (compartment and bottom shelf). Wires that go into the computer (headphones, nano, ipod) are neatly coiled in the storage section at the back, leaving just enough wire to plug in to the side of the computer.


Vivi said...

Totally cool. I'm jealous.

Did you make this up or see it (or a variant) somewhere?

David Briggs said...

I agree with Vivi, totally cool. You do good work Bride

Mister Cellophane

The Bride said...

I made it up entirely from my own head. No need to be jealous, just go to Ikea and get the Estetisk for $14.99 and make your own.