Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chic and Slim

The Bride is working on her personal style these days as a part of her overall obsession with slimming. She has been reading a book - "Chic and Slim: How those chic French women eat all those rich foods and stay slim" by Anne Barone. Probably out of print, but it predates French Women Don't Get Fat by 5 or 6 years.

The author has a list of 100 Do's, of which #5 is Develop or refine your own personal style. The Bride is doing some of the other things on the list, too, but she hasn't felt it necessary to share that she is chewing more slowly or eating regular food.

Here's as much of the list as The Bride can be bothered to type right now, in the order the Bride likes best:

1) Develop or refine your own personal style.
2) Get adequate sleep.
3) Wear lingerie that makes you feel pretty and special.
4) Ask yourself what one thing you hate doing the most and stop doing it.
(That's a favorite of the Bride's. She does it over and over. Soon she will have entirely stopped housekeeping.)
5) Clean out your closet.(The Bride notes that you can then fill it up again.)
6) Never eat when you are angry or upset. (Try writing one of your sympathetic sisters an email complaining. You can't put food in your mouth while you are typing.)
7) Eat good bread.
8) Find something you enjoy doing more than eating, and do it regularly. (The Bride gives thanks for the internet)
9) Shop for fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables. (The COG says that they must not come from Central or South America or China) (The Bride says, why not shop for other things, too. Shoes are always good.)
10) Take at least 20 minutes in the day just for yourself. (The Bride's theory is that if 20 minutes is good, a couple of hours must be better).
11) Say no to exploitive people. (The Bride says, why stop with exploitive people? Say no to all unpleasant or difficult people).
12) Spend time with people who make you laugh.
13) Regularly treat yourself to a massage or facial( The Bride adds, or manicure or pedicure or aromatherapy head massage or whatever).
14) Avoid people you don't like.
15) Get outside in the fresh air at least 1/2 hour daily.

16) Sing a lot - you can't eat and sing at the same time.
17) Enjoy afternoon tea.
18) Go to France and watch chic French women eat.
19) Learn to make Parisian style French Onion Soup. (Which The Bride has already done and blogged about on Hotdish Bleus).

OK, those are the Good rules. The rest are things like, Eat smaller portions, limit alcohol, Eat real food, not diet food. Eat only when seated. Take small bites, chew slowly. Eat meals in courses.

Bor-ring.Blah blah blah.

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David Briggs said...


A couple of things, first, I don't think that you should adopt the fashion worn by the woman in the photo accompanying the blog, I don't think tht it would look good on you.

Second, Obviously, the author of that piece has never spent time in a Minnesota Winter with the sub-zero temperatures like we have here.

Third, LOL!!!

Mister Cellophane