Monday, October 22, 2007

No Joy in Mudville

At least among some of the inhabitants. The ones who are asportal and who are now facing the World Series. Yes, the Red Sox won last night. Damn!

And the Patriots are doing well, too. Double Damn!


SybBrig said...

Aren't both you and COG asportal, at least where it applies to American sports? Whence comes the interest (which must be genetic) on the part of the Child of Bride of COG (ChOBOCOGsub2, not to be confused with COBOCOG -- the cat -- or ChOBOCOBsub1, who lives elsewhere)? (I suppose the ChOBOCOGs might otherwise be known as DOBOCOG and SOBOCOG, respectively.)

SiOBOCOGsub2, in solipsistic terms

SybBrig said...

And by the way, a TiVo Series 2 Dual-Tuner, or a Series 3 HD would smooth asportal and sportal relations for the remaining weeks of the season(s). One of the former is selling for only $63 through the Web Specials at TiVo right now.