Thursday, October 25, 2007

Log Driver's Waltz

I heard this song - saw this short film in the early 1980's and have remembered it ever since. I've looked for it repeatedly on YouTube, but didn't find it because I was looking for the Lumberjack's Waltz. Apart from that, I remembered all the words and the tune after hearing it that one time. It's just such a catchy tune. Tonight, I saw an allusion to it on a strange video blog called Rocketboom and was able to find it on YouTube.

The link, though it's there, doesn't seem to show up in my blog, so here it is: You'll have to cut and paste until I figure it out.


Kate said...

Charming!At the start, with the actual footage, I was thinking of Grandpa Ryall and the Flambeau River.

The Bride said...

Grandpa Ryall and the Flambeau River has almost mythic qualities in my mind.