Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Pet Blogging

A cold, grey, rainy afternoon. Gomez found a cozy place to sleep on the guest room bed.

Sheba was freaked out by a big thunderstorm last night, so I ended up sleeping with her on the sofa until it was done (blush). Today she is, as usual, just following me around and sleeping nearby.


Kate said...

It's an amusing picture of Sheba, as if she was a little concerned that she was busted. The glimpse of your living room is nice, too. Looks very inviting. I think it it is the blue & white, the Chinese lamp and the hint of the secretary in the background.

SybBrig said...

Sheba looks older in that photo! Grey-bearded.

And Gomez looks so fuzzy (it helps having him on a fuzzy blanket, too).

I agree with kate about how attractive that corner of your house looks.