Friday, October 5, 2007

The Heartbreak of F.A.D.D.

The Bride and Sister of the Bride discovered when in Oregon that we have F.A.D.D. -- Feline Attention Deficit Disorder. No matter what we were doing, when we spotted a cat, or something to do with cats, our attention was immediately refocussed on the cat/cat-related thing.

The COG mentioned that it was remarkably like the C.A.D.D. (Canine ADD) the Bride and the Other Sister of the Bride suffered from .... no, wait.... the Husbands were the ones who suffered, the Bride and her sister enjoyed it very much.


Kate said...

Ah, yes, Basingstoke. Bruce! Part Yorkshire Terrier and part mmmmmm.

CADD was impossible to resist in France. They have such cute dogs.

I read a scientific study that established that women have more white matter in their brains (the neurons that form connections between different areas) and men have more gray matter (the neurons that remember details within one area.) The researchers concluded that is why women are more distractible though they didn't put it quite so baldly.

The Bride said...

You can see why the ability to flit from one object of attention to another would be an important survival trait in an unsafe environment. Basically, all part of scanning constantly to find nuts, berries, and hungry things with large teeth, in order to simultaneously provide food for and keep from harm's way, wee munchkins.

In fact, the same kind of multi-taking parents do all the time even now.

You can't have a community in which every adult is completely focussed on only one thing at a time, remembering all those details.

Though, a couple of adults concentrating on stalking game could be good.