Wednesday, July 8, 2015


One thing I love about Brighton is the flowers.  Grocery store flowers here are so far superior to grocery store flowers in the US - they are cheaper and more various. I think it must be because there are different sources for them.

Anyway - this bouquet is so pretty. It's grocery store peonies and pink roses and 'mint' from a local florist.  I've never seen the 'mint' before but it's so pretty. The leaves don't smell minty, but the stem is square, like a mint. And they called it 'mint' at the store. It must be some kind of decorative rather than herbal mint.


David Briggs said...
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David Briggs said...

Two Things:

First, at least some American Grocery Flowers come from Europe, and since Great Britain is in Europe, perhaps it's because the flowers are closer to the source, and therefore fresher. Also, if that is true, only the longer lasting varieties could be sold here in the United States.

Second: Try "bruising" some of the Mint leaves. Sometimes it takes a scratch or bruise to bring out the minty scent.