Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Arrived Safely etc.

Arrived safely. The flat is still here, just as we left it.  We've had an odd time.  Have spent a lot of time trapped in the flat waiting for various deliveries. Plus, we had a carpenter here for a couple of days doing various small things.  I'll show some pictures later.

There's a new baby upstairs. He just turned a month old and is starting to respond and look around at the world.  The COG acted as a Baby Whisperer and got him to sleep.  He slept for quite a while, too, completely collapsed and floppy on the COG's arm.  It was really sweet.

Thursday, we pick up a rental car and start the round of visits in the Midlands. First Auntie N, at her caravan in the Cotswolds. Then, some cousins in Herefordshire for a couple of nights. Finally, on Saturday, we will pick up Sister Rose and her husband who will be arriving from the States, exhausted, at Heathrow.  Then, followed by a busy week of sightseeing with The Roses. More about that later, too. As it happens. 

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