Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Weather

Last Tuesday: This Tuesday: We had the coldest day in 27 years and a few inches of snow. There were two memorable events. First, I was alone in the flat and I heard a big engine revving and wheels spinning. It was a double decker bus struggling to get up the road in front of our house. It got to the top, slipped sideways and could go no further. It may have hit a parked car. It was towed away sometime later. Second, the COG was off taking photos in the snow. He had gotten quite far up the seafront and walked to the nearest bus stop (maybe 1.5 or 2 miles across town from home). After he had waited a long time, the electronic board that tells when the next buses are arriving went off. It came on a moment later saying that all buses had been cancelled, so he had to walk home in the cold, snow, and terrible walking/driving conditions. He survived, of course. All the snow is gone, now.

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