Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lowering Skies - Weather

low-er-ing (rhymes with 'sour-ing') dark and threatening, as the sky, clouds, or weather, overcast; gloomy. I first learned this word while reading Return of the Native in 11th grade. I am now experiencing it in Britain. We had a couple of lovely days when we first arrived, then lowering skies, then 5 inches of snow and the coldest day in nearly 30 years and now we are experiencing classic British weather. It's cold and cloudy with a chance of sun or cold and cloudy with a chance of rain. Not complaining, just explaining. We've had no walks this time except around town. It's been pretty quiet here. In a nice way.


Kate said...

I thought you were going to Arles? Anyhow, nasty weather in Brighton.

David Briggs said...

I have always equated lowering with glowering. While you need a face to glower, something without a face can also be threatening, or lowering.