Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catching Up

Went to see family in Minnesota, where I presented the little girls with their diaper bags.  I had no ego attachment to the bags - they were hugely fun to make and that was enough even if the girls didn't play with them immediately.  I knew they'd enjoy them ultimately.

However, it turned out to be much more instantly satisfying than I expected. Miss T. clasped the bag to her chest and said 'Grandma, I've been wanting one of these all my life.'  A very sweet moment.  And Miss A. loved the little pack of 'diaper wipes' (actually small packets of makeup remover from Target).  She spent the duration of my visit cleaning various doll's bottoms.

I have some pictures that I'll put in my next blog.

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Kate said...

What a very fetching thing for Miss T to say! Those diaper bags were a great project. I'm glad the little girls liked them so much.