Thursday, January 17, 2013

Swedish Country Doll Beds

My New Year's Resolution is to blog more frequently.  It's the 17th already and this is the first time I've blogged this year, but I'm going to do better this year. Maybe every other day is realistic.

I"ve been very busy, though, making things for the little girls.  They both play with dolls constantly, so I made them doll beds.  I used very inexpensive 1x3 lumber and a few scraps of 1x 6 that I had on hand.   Then I painted them.  And, finally, I made each a mattress, a pillow, a pillowcase and a blanket. They turned out really well.

I made those last week.  This week I've been working on another project which I finished yesterday.  I'll write about that one later this week.


Kate said...

These are stunning! Lucky little girls!

Kate said...

Oh, and Bride, welcome back!!!

It's easy to post daily if you set aside two to three hours daily and give up sleep time, but an every other day schedule would be more humane.:)

Vivi said...

I only just remembered that you are back blogging, and I had to go back to November to catch up.

I'm not blogging at all at the moment (metaphorically speaking) and apparently I'm not reading blogs either!

Welcome back. I'll try to read more, too.