Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another Project - Doll Diaper Bags

I've been working on two little diaper bags for Miss T and Miss A, who love dolls. I'm really proud of the way these turned out.  I had no pattern so I made them up as I went along.   The first one took 4 days because I kept stopping to figure things out - when there are so many pockets, plus the strap and the whole thing is lined, the order in which things are done is complex.  The second only took a few hours.

 They are small - maybe 9 inches wide,  by 4 deep,  by 5 or 6 tall.  They have 9 pockets and a 'blanket loop.'  One is blue, one is green, but they are identical otherwise,  and they come loaded with Stuff.  One goal I had was to make them have many different fasteners - like those little quiet books with zippers and buttons and snaps.  These have a button, a zipper, velcro, the carabiner that holds the keys on, and the mesh pocket thingies at the front.  I'd still like to work in a snap somewhere, but I haven't figured out where.

This has been so much fun.  It's Playtime for Grandma.  I just love love love making these things.   The first picture is both of them, the blue and the green. The other pictures are labelled below. Note that I am not pushing pink.  Miss T's favorite color is green.  Miss A. doesn't yet have a favorite color, so I chose blue for her.  I am hoping to shield them from the pinkification of toys for as long as I can.

Here's a front view.

Back View

Side View

Here's what's under the front flap, with the velcro closures below.

Here's another side with Keys and Key loop.

Here's the inside of the bag with many pockets. What I call the 'blanket loop' is at the bottom of the picture, front of the bag.  There's a blanket that fits in there and it closes with a button from the button box of the CoG's mother, Nanny.  My mother contributed to the bag, as well.  She taught me to sew - the whole bag is a product of her teaching.

This is some of the stuff in each bag - I will be adding a few more things. There's a doll bib, 3 diapers, a kiddie cell phone, 2 tiny little books, a little folded up blanket, a tiny stuffed toy, keys, and, of course, doll bottle, doll juice glass, and a little doll pacifier, in the upper right hand corner.

I can't wait to give these bags to the girls when we are there next week. 

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Kate said...

OMG, your granddaughters will love these! What you are creating in Grandma's playtime is formidable. It's as if your skill, creativity and cleverness have finally found an audience worthy of your super-duper best.