Thursday, January 24, 2013

East Coast Cold Snap

We received this video, titled 'How Cold is it in Maine,  from Son of this morning:

It's colder in Maine than Minnesota today, and for the last week.  Some ski areas have closed because of the cold.

Added later:  The temperature at Mount Washington tonight is predicted to be - 70 Degrees F.  Yes, that's correct minus 70 degrees Farenheit.


Kate said...

What a fun video!

The coldest weather I have ever experienced in MN was -34 degrees F. And that was incredibly cold. In less severe cold, one can walk from the house to the detached garage insulated by a cushion of heat under one's clothes. In -34 degree cold, when you left the house, you were cold, instantly, to the bone. Poor MN has this bad reputation for cold, but the East has been having our winters for some time now.

But -70 degrees is unimaginable to me. That's like Antartica cold. That's really, really cold. I imagine the time from leaving the house to death from cold would be about 3 minutes.

The Bride said...

Grandpa Ryall, reminiscing about some boyhood memory, once told me that after a certain number of degrees below zero, it doesn't feel any colder. You just die faster.