Saturday, November 17, 2012

Waiting for Sister May

We've spent the week painting the back room, finishing the work we had done on the room last June. It's a small room. We painted it white. About half the room was already white, and the other half - the dampproofed and replastered half - had been primed white.

Reader, it took us five days to paint the little room. We are lazy.  We can only do one thing at a time. the first day we prepped the room - a grueling 45 minutes with painters tape. The second day we bought paint. The third day we painted.  The fourth day, we bought more paint. The fifth day we finished painting.

But it's done now and the room is just waiting for Sister May to arrive, sometime this afternoon. She's en route now - probably somewhere the other side of Ireland, though she could be closer. When we looked earlier today it said the flight was going to be an hour early.  Then she takes the bus and we meet her at the station and bring her home.

The room looks so pretty in the morning light. But we need art.

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Kate said...

It looks wonderfully inviting. I love the yellow duvet cover.