Monday, November 26, 2012

Prunes in Armagnac?

No, actually, prunes in crappy brandy.  So crappy, in fact, that it comes in a plastic bottle.  Here's the story: At home, we always have a jar of raisins in rum in our cupboard. No recipe - just a glass jar with some raisins macerating in some rum.  We serve a few spoonfuls over ice cream, then add some more raisins and some more rum.

So when we found prunes d'agen at the grocery store,  we thought that we could have some prunes macerating in Armagnac here and just leave it between visits.  But, Armagnac is expensive so we thought we'd try brandy, starting with cheap brandy just to see how it was.  We figured that the prunes flavor the liquor so strongly that it might not matter what alcohol we used.  I think it was Elizabeth David, maybe, who said to use wine you would drink, but would prefer not to.  This brandy was not terrible - it was better than the cooking brandy I keep in my cupboard at home.

The result, after 10 days or so, is not a complete failure - they have gotten better every time we've tasted them. Tonight they are quite tasty.  However, next time we will probably use actual Armagnac.

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Tom said...

Try a cognac. Much more affordable, and closer to Armagnac than an over caramelled brandy. I recently tried a cheap Armagnac (about $29.00 a bottle), and commercial dried prunes - SunSweet I think. It was pretty good.