Monday, November 19, 2012

A Lovely Walk

The weather yesterday being sunny, we decided to take a walk. In the end, we walked 7 1/2 miles from the outskirts of Eastbourne to Beachy Head, then to Birling Gap, where we stopped for tea. Finally, to East Dean, where we had a local beer called 'Legless Rambler' at The Tiger, a lovely old pub.   Got home after dark, very tired, but happy.  I had bought a selection of  Pear Ciders - Perry's - and we did a taste test. May liked the Stella Artois, the COG liked the Irish Magners and I liked the Bulmers, so that worked out. After the long walk,  a beer at The Tiger in East Dean and then a large bottle of perry (same alcohol content as beer) we had quiet evening.  Today we are visiting the Royal Pavilion. At the moment Sister May is rereading the part of Regency Buck, where Judith Taverner visits the Pavilion. Here May is yesterday in front of the Seven Sisters - near Birling Gap.  The COG is in the background, too. Can you spot him?

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