Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Day in Brighton (this trip)

It was raining and cold and blustery - about as far from last weekend's perfection as possible. England was reminding us of her other face. We went for a walk in the rain. Snapped pictures of a row of pretty houses in the North Laine.

Took the recycling to a drop off point, and watched the seagulls raiding the rubbish bins.

Then we went to Harry's English Food restaurant in Hove and had English Food. The COG had kippers - which he said were really good. I had Scotch pancakes ( disappointingly not oat pancakes, actually just like American pancakes) and some really fantastic bacon. We drank 2 huge pots of tea and had a lovely time. I think Harry's will become a tradition.

Then home to clean and pack etc.

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