Thursday, May 13, 2010


Having put away my power tools, I have switched to the sewing machine. I've been making various kinds of cozies. On the right made of wonderful Chinese-y brocades, the kind of fabric I'd never use for clothes or decoration, but it has made lovely shoe bags. On the left, a tea cozy for the flat in Brighton and a case for my new computer. Which is kind of a computer cozy.

But my sewing machine is being irritating and jamming, so I've put it away and I'm packing now.

And my office - I feel so good everytime I walk into this room and sit down at the computer. Such a relief to have this done.


Vivi said...

Did you use patterns or just wing it?

Where did you get the fabric? The national chains have driven most local fabric places out of business here, except for very high end ones. I suppose you could use remnants. The chains have boring textiles.

The Bride said...

The fabric is from Joann's. What I love about it is that the 'wrong' side is as pretty as the 'right' side.

No pattern. I just winged it. I did look at some patterns online. but I wanted to be able to use both sides of the fabric and so I just ..... figured it out.

The Bride said...

The above comment was for the shoe bags. I had no pattern for the tea cozy and the fabric was a toile, an old curtain. And the computer cozy was fabric I bought at a quilting store and, again, no pattern. It was just based on a slipcover you gave me for my old computer.