Sunday, May 24, 2009


As if I didn't have enough to do before I leave, there was the pantry. We had to empty it out so they could get rid of the door that was on the exterior wall. Once, emptied, it looked so sad and shabby that I knew I had to paint it before I left. So that's how I've spent the day, since I got up at 5:30. It is painted, but after it dries, I still have to put up a bunch of brackets that were anchored into the old door, and then move everything back in.

The yellow-y picture is Before.The blue one is After. The middle one shows the mess in the dining room, which all needs to go back into the pantry. Before I go to bed tonight.


David Briggs said...

Hey Sis;

Big improvement on the pantry.

The Master and Commander

Vivi said...

It does look nice. Worth it.

Is it now blue, or just white, or some other light color and the light is affecting the photo?

The Bride said...

it is now a lovely light purply blue. The reflection of the light blows out the color is some places.

See my more recent blog on the subject.