Sunday, May 24, 2009

Decks: some progress

The decks are nearing completion and will be complete by the time I return - I leave for 10 days, tomorrow. Here are the most recent pictures. You will see that we also had some shingles replaced around the decks. The bigger deck was built closer to the ground this time which has two advantages. First, it makes it move into the yard more gracefully. Second (and this is a biggie) it makes it unnecessary to put a railing around it. Code says 30" from the ground requires a railing. The railing obstructs the view from the house, so we really didn't want it. Alas, we will have to have railings on the steps. We are now discussing what we will put around the edge to prevent falls. A low bench is one possibility, or planters.... something like that. Meanwhile, this is where we are.

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