Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Son of Buys a Boat

Having spent the summer sailing every day, Son of has bought a boat - actually two boats.  The big boat is a 26 foot double-keeled sailboat made in the UK.  She's a charming boat. Her name is Anna - that's the name she came with and Son of has not decided whether to change it. She's a Ketch - she has two masts.

She is currently in a commercial boatyard in Gloucester - a really fascinating place. Tomorrow she is being moved to Newburyport for the winter.

She needs some work - all the wood needs oiling or recoating and the windows need resealing, but she is surprisingly nice inside.  There's a main cabin and a little sleeping area, and a proper head at the front and at least one more bed at the back. (I am not using the proper nautical terms here because I don't know them.)   Here is the view from the front of the boat - it's a little deceiving because the cabin with the blue roof is from the boat behind.  And the masts are off because it's being moved tomorrow.

And here she is from the back.  

The second boat is also a little gem.  She is a sweet little Dyer Midget - a classic New England Dinghy with a sail and oars.  She is going to be used to get the Son of back and forth to the Anna.  This is not Son of's boat, but one like it. 

On a completely different note - at the moment a boat from the show 'Wicked Tuna' is in the same shipyard.  I don't even know what the show is, but apparently it's popular. We saw someone from it tonight while we were getting the boat ready to move. 


Anonymous said...

Pretty boat! I see adventures ahead for him.

Anonymous said...

Pretty boat! I see adventures ahead for him.

Kate said...

OMG, what a fantastic boat! Does he need crew?

Andrew said...

.... I am chuckling after reading Kate's note.

Much bigger boat than I was imagining, but hey, it's the ocean you're next too, not a lake, so makes sense. I think it will be a blast to fix it up. Please include cabin photos some time?