Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ravello, Italy

We arrived yesterday in Ravello on the Amalfi coast. Beautiful views of the snowy alps below us en route, but none of the pictures I took was any good due to a filthy window.  The COG told me as we landed that we were in the same kind of plane as the German flight that crashed in the Alps.  He said he waited until we landed to tell me.  I asked why he couldn't have waited until the end of the return flight, or, maybe, never, to tell me.  He did not see my point.  

 We are renting Sea View Cottage for a week.  This was the view when we arrived yesterday. Unedited - I'm sure the COG will be posting better photos soon.

The flat is 2 rooms, side by side so they both have the same view.  We can see this view as we lie in bed. The COG woke me up this morning before dawn because the view was sooooooooo beautiful.  It's a combination of pink and blue that we have seen in other beaches we love - Ipswich, Brighton etc.  The sea and sky are shades of soft blues and then there is a layer of pale pinks and mauves between.  So so so so beautiful, it just fills the soul.  

Walking to the cottage last night I was rather distracted by all the excellent pottery and feeling chuffed that we had ended up in a place where I could browse shops.  But, then, seeing the just-before- sunrise mist and colors I remembered that no amount of pottery, no matter how good, could be worth filling my eyes with this. 

Today we need to go out and investigate Ravello and, then,  try to figure out how to get back to our little flat.  

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Kate said...

Okay, just for argument, I note that some people live year round in that beautiful, soul-nurturing place! But--this is important!-- they are the same people who produce all that beautiful pottery and ceramics.

So, from my perspective, while nothing may beat a spectacular sunrise, later in the day, say, at noon or dinner, a little ceramic would help evoke the sunrise and benefit the local economy to boot. It's only noble to give, give, give.