Thursday, April 2, 2015

Before and After

I've been busy.  Most recently, I had a bunch of stuff delivered from Ikea.  The biggest bundle of stuff was for our wardrobe.  I have hated these doors since we moved in.  How do I hate them, let me count the ways.  I hate that you can see through them - they always look dark and messy.  I hate that they slide, making it hard for two people to use them at once.  I hate that they are glass and metal - too cold.  I hate that they are so.... horizontal.

Before: Yesterday morning:

AFTER- Here is the same closet today:

And here is the inside - drawers instead of shelves.  I still need to do some stuff to the 'vanity area,' but you can see where I'm going.  The COG did not feel the need to add drawers, so his closet is unchanged.  I don't have a Before of the inside of my closet - but if you squint at the Before picture of the outside, you can kinda see the inside. 

I still have plans for this cupboard - I'm adding a top to it, so it looks built in.  

I also added a little shelf over the bed - again, these pictures are unframed and will get changed out. They are place holders.  

The bedroom will be getting painted and decorated soon.  All based on this picture of the COGs that I love love love. It's the Ipswich River in winter, and it looks like a painting.  

But that's in the future.  I'm really happy with the few changes I've made already.

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Vivi said...

Love love love the new bedroom cupboards, and the drawer system inside them. A vast improvement.

I love the COGs photo, too, but don't you think it's a bit cold to use as the inspiration for a bedroom? I have faith in you, however.