Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pompeii: 2

The whole experience of Pompeii was a bit overwhelming. I wanted to see everything, learn everything, record everything and also just to walk around and take it in.   And then there were the crowds.  I can't imagine what the summer must be like, when it is even more crowded and very hot.

On the other hand... Pompeii.  And perfect weather.

And there was a magic moment.  One of the buildings, like many of them, had a gate across it, barring entry. But the gate was open, so we went through. It was a pretty simple house with an atrium, a small kitchen to one side and a couple of other rooms, bedrooms or reception rooms. Everything was grey stone because nearly everything in the whole city is grey stone.  The back the wall of the house was about 4 feet high, and when we approached and looked over the wall we saw this:

a beautiful meadow of poppies and yellow flowers, with modern Pompeii beyond it. And beyond that, the Bay of Naples and Capri and the Sorrentine peninsula.  It reminded us that the whole area around Pompeii had once been filled with light and wildflowers and life.  Naturally, the COG took better pictures, so check his out.

I could have used a second day there, and maybe a third. It's too big a place to see in one day, although most people do.  And the COG, who was great, is not that interested in dead Roman cities, so it would have pushed him to the edge.

However, if my sisters ever want to go there, I will meet them in a hot minute and we can see everything and read every book entry, listen to every section of the audio guide etc.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds both overwhelming and wonderful. To bad about the looting.