Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Footwear Fashion Update

At first glance these look like  ordinary high top sneakers but they aren't. Built into the inside is a raised heel, so they are like wedge sneakers, with the wedge concealed.  They were all over Sorrento - both in shop windows and on the feet of young women on the street.   Comfortable shoes turned into uncomfortable shoes. For Fashion. 

Fashion does not make sense. Ce n'est pas logique.  Non √® logico. 

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Kate said...

A woman boarding the plane ahead of me en route to Boston was wearing a pair of these. My reaction was the same as yours. Really? You're going to wear wedge sneakers!?!! She was traveling first class with an edgy tech guy, and her choice of travel clothes seemed to signify, "look, I'm rich, I'm special, but I'm not a hoity-toity fancy-pants."