Friday, January 3, 2014

Persons of the Gingerbread Persuasion

The Son of and I made some gingerbread men/people/non-gendered cookies (and mittens because that's the cookie cutters we had).  Normally I can rely on myself to do anything a bit crafty with a fair amount of success. But these cookies taught me humility. We worked hard on them and ended up with something not quite as bad as what we started with.  And even that was mostly due to the edible googly eyes and mustaches.  My favorite of all was the mummy/zombie in the green wrappings at the far left of the first picture.  There were some one-eyed monsters, too. These were non-traditional gingerbread men/etc.

They are pretty terrible looking and make me laugh every time I look at them. So I hope you have a good laugh, too.  They were all eaten. And we had lots of fun making them.


David Briggs said...

Sounds, and looks like fun, and tasty.

Just one question: Who persuaded them?

Kate said...

Very clever conceit, monster gingerbread men. In the gingerbread men and women that I did, I tried to recreate famous paintings. The effect was very much like your mummy, without the cute story.