Friday, April 5, 2013

Modern Necropoli - French Cemeteries

Because it was a beautiful day, we walked from Les Alyscamps along the old city wall.  We encountered this typical French cemetery.  I'm showing it because of its similarity to Les Alyscamps, especially during the days when the sarcophagi were piled 3 high.

Necropolis, of course, means 'city of the dead'. I think you get that 'city' feeling in this kind of cemetery.    We wandered for a while, looking at the tombstones and the floral displays that families had left. It's kind of a comforting place really.

In New Orleans some years ago, we were told the cemeteries were built above ground because the water table was so  high.  But I've seen cemeteries like this all over the French Caribbean as well as France, so I wonder if it wasn't just tradition after all. And if that tradition dates back to the Romans, at least.

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