Thursday, April 4, 2013

Arles, Day 2 continued again

Is it wrong that the only picture I took of St. Trophime is of a chandelier?  And is it wrong to covet a chandelier that hangs in a beautiful Romanesque church?

The picture of the chandelier, also shows some lovely Romanesque arches and, oh look some gothic ones, too, I guess.


Kate said...

I think I've been jaded on cloisters and Romanesque architecture. I thought the cloister was good but needed cleaning. But the crowds were thick and the rain heavy when we were there so maybe I would be more impressed if I saw it again.

The Bride said...

It was crowded with a large school group more interested in each other than the architecture, when I was there. It's also under renovation so it's dusty and disorganized.

Not a patch on others we've seen. Though perhaps when it has been renovated it will be more interesting. And without the teens.